Energy dashboard refresh of data Android APP Version 4.26.1

Hi guys,
i have a problem with the data collecting from my ewe-link APP 2P 63A rail Din WIFI smart energy meter in the energy dashboard. It’s not insert me the data from the last days since 01.10.
The device is always connected to the wifi and i see in the device the data collected during the day and also the real time data.
Why the dashboard is not showing this data to confront the consumption to the preveous week?
Anybody an idea?

I have the same problem sone 1st of oct. the time range is wrong as 2022.00 no possibility to access history data. IOS 4.26.0

Also on android V4.26.1 since 01.10. I see the time range correct, but not in the energy dashboard

Also on iPhone.

Same discussion and updating here, solution included

It works with LAN off.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix it in the next version aimed to be available in a week, for now, disable the LAN mode, or install the test-version APP in the thread up helps.

Disable the LAN doesn’t work, and also the install of the modified version of the APP doesn’t work at my phone.
I will wait the release of the official APP

Version 4.26.2 have submitted for review to the GooglePlay, maybe need 2-3 days for Google to approve, graphic on the eWeLink web is not affected by issue found earlier.