❤ Energy Dashboard in Pliot Features Now Available with App V4.24 and later! Need More Feedback From YOU!

There is a way to receive an alert when you reach a value of KWh without turn off the device? Impossible that is not present…

How I can set the divice to receive an alert on my phone when I reach a value of KWh (live absorption) without turn off the device? This is useful to prevent the energy cutoffs when you request more than your possibility (too many devices with high absorption).

I see you added the S40TPB lite. I have 4 S40TPB with tons of data that would be grreat to track.
any idea if or when support would be available?

We are working on this, stay tuned with us.

@StephenJ please check this with APP team, I think this is a good feature that we should find a way to support, especially for new pow devices that have power-reader mode.

S40 serial with Power monitoring feature have been integrated to the energy dashboard.

thanks but not supported in Home Assistant

ok any idea when thhey will be avalible for cast ?

Switches are supported to sync to HA via eWeLink add-on, so S40 dose.

Updated topic here,

Expected in early November, along with power-consumption graphic.

I would like more individual devices to be added, for example I have 3 s40 smart plugs which I can only see 3 individually, if I have more the only way is to create groups

Hi there, please access the device directly if you want to see it individually.

Hi i really need a way to read hourly kwh consumption data from Soboff elite pow either using home assitant or ewelink cloud api.

I have no success so far. Please suggest a way forward

Hi it is possible add more groups in energy dashboard ? Ewelink has not more overwrought energy dasboard like prehaps shelly or emporia vue.I have more pow meter from sonoff but sonoff does not have 3Phase power meter . To monitor L1,L2,L3 I use 1P Single phase Din rail WIFI Smart Energy Meter sonoff support. If I can see whole consuption of my house I must add this phase din rail to one group. On my solar panels I use 2 on grid inverters this I monitor production with 2 powr2 and that is another group in energy dasboard .Electric floor heating more powr2 to monitor elec.usage another group. And more another pow meter sonoof devices to monitor another room.So more groups in energy dasboard is needed. Do you have plan to make something like shelly or emporia energy monitoring ?? thanks

sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Hi there, of course, we can add more groups. Maybe we can collect more data on the device groups that people need.
How many groups do you think it needs in the energy dashboard?

For me about 8 groups.Collect more data on thevice it would be best. One question can we add more time for storage data on cloud ? 3 months is very very small. I pay advanced plan and only 3months storage ? Others company product has unlimited time cloud.Ewelink with good energy dasboard can by BEST product on the world. We dont need buy other expensive monitoring product . I have SDS Macro PCL but there is horrible programing .Ewelink with scene on POW devices can be easy for many people useing electr. solar panels. I have many ideas for impovement ewelink powr devices for us solar and other milions users thanks

my voltage on the ewelink is in correct. How do you rectivy this?

I like the dashboard but my voltage reading and power reading in conjunction with the current is in correct. It reads 400 volt instead of 220volt. Is their away to correct this.