❤ Energy Dashboard in Pliot Features Now Available with App V4.24 and later! Need More Feedback From YOU!

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Hi there, of course, we can add more groups. Maybe we can collect more data on the device groups that people need.
How many groups do you think it needs in the energy dashboard?

For me about 8 groups.Collect more data on thevice it would be best. One question can we add more time for storage data on cloud ? 3 months is very very small. I pay advanced plan and only 3months storage ? Others company product has unlimited time cloud.Ewelink with good energy dasboard can by BEST product on the world. We dont need buy other expensive monitoring product . I have SDS Macro PCL but there is horrible programing .Ewelink with scene on POW devices can be easy for many people useing electr. solar panels. I have many ideas for impovement ewelink powr devices for us solar and other milions users thanks

my voltage on the ewelink is in correct. How do you rectivy this?

I like the dashboard but my voltage reading and power reading in conjunction with the current is in correct. It reads 400 volt instead of 220volt. Is their away to correct this.

Idea from @kish.russ, @StephenJ please forward to the software team for evaluation.

Hi there,

I have bought multiple sonoff devices for the purpose of power/energy monitoring that can be access and displayed at home assistant energy dashboard. So far only the DualR3 are working smoothly… my POW elite devices both 16A and 20A are not working and showing up at home assistant energy dashboard. Please see below for the screenshot of the error when adding the devices to be displayed at energy dashboard. Can some help me guide how to fix this error? Thank you in advance.


@yitie @StephenJ I’m tempted to do this (⚡SONOFF POW Elite Tasmota Firmware - YouTube) but i think that’s not the recommended way to do it. I believe a firmware update from you guys will be the better solution for this. Hope you consider. Thank you.

Hi, Thank you so much, The energy dashboard is great and keep up the awesome work to you and the team

Can you add gas energy?

I understand all countries are different but it would not be hard to put it in the power supply to a gas boiler. You could either assume a constant gas usage or watch the ‘opentherm’ connection.

Here in U.K. there are ‘smart meters’. They transmit in secret and I would not suggest finding the secret as there are lots of hoops to jump through, but a company called Hildebrand/Glowmarcht has already jumped through all the hoops and connects directly to Home Assistant. You could potentially just read the gas usage from Home Assistant. Other countries also have energy dashboards in Home Assistant. Maybe this would be a relatively simple integration?

Hi there, at present eWeLink doesn’t support adding POW Elite into the HA energy dashboard.

No worries, HA is great but I have to say it’s not convince for everyone, especially firmware flash needed.

Maybe we’ll go deep to see how to bring the pow feature of POW series devices to HA later.

Ok. Thank you!

Ok. Hope you include this on your future updates. Thank you!

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Happy new 2023!
Do you see a change for a device to count pulses and let the configure freely to current/hourly/daily and culative values, such as Electricity kWh, Gas m3, Water m3, and maybe allow to add the unit prices (also refer to earlier info in the thread about different tariffs depending on the time and usage)?
My point here is not matter whether traditional or smart meters elect/gas/water, they always deliver some pulse outputs by contact_switch or LED_light or rotating_magnet for which a sensor exists that could be read and counted.
Thank you very much!

Hello and happy new year '23!
Depending on the energy provider and type of contract there is quite a variety to consider, depending on the already accumulates kWh, in the day and night times, peak hours, and sometimes even a relay contact triggered externally from the provider which changes the costs and allows to block some consumers during couple of hours (eg during peak load times)… To convert all that should probably provide a very flexible entry mask e.g. similar to the programming of scenes?
Best wishes!

To expand on my previous point: the data from U.K. ‘Smart meters’ is uploaded to a database every 30 minutes or so. There are already free phone apps that get this data from the National servers. The one I have is called ‘bright’. To get live data without 30 minute blocks you have to get a device that sits on the same private network as the Gas and Electricity meters and they are out of stock. I’ve been waiting for so long I’ve forgotten how they work. Think they connect to the App and direct to Home assistant. Other countries might be totally different but if not there’s a server with gas/elec usage in blocks you could access after you’ve been verified to add to your energy dashboard. Kinda depends how other countries are implementing ‘smart’ metering. I suspect there is a great deal of similarities

Another suggestion. I have some Sonoff Basic that attach to devices of a known power. For instance near where I am sat there is a basic connected to a 600W far infrared heating panel. Although it isn’t always spot on 600W it is near enough that a POW would be overkill. I tend to attach them to extension leads where power might actually change.

Could you allow other devices such as basic and TH to be added manually if a fixed power is known? For instance assume the Basic near me uses 600W/h when it is on, so if it is on for an hour just put 0.6KWH on the dashboard. I think most of my Basics are wired into something with a fixed and known power output. There are exceptions such as soldering irons which can be on/off and so wouldn’t work, but most would.