Energeasy Connect

Newbie on the forum.

Maybe this subject had already been treated, despite my search ‘Energeasy’.

So I’ve got this platform ‘Energeasy Connect’ which is very similar to the tahoma box from Hager (only on the paper). It’s the modular version, with three little modules to pilot zigbee, enocean and Io for my somfy shutters.

I try to appair 4 sonoff zbminiL2 to the box, which seems recognize them, BUT,

  1. Action with pressbuttons works fine
  2. The application on my phone ‘see’ the state return.
  3. No trigging of thé zbminiL2 by the application.

I’ve already contacted the energeasy maintenance, and despite his manipulations off m’y installation, nothing works better.

So I Ask to the forum if there will be a support for my energeasy Connect ?