Door sensor DW2 WiFi offline only on the app

So I bought one more DW2 WiFi and I easily added the device to my network the problem is that in the app the device is always offline but not on my router settings nor in its app there is shown as connected

May I know the device ID?


@Erin please check this issue, thx.

Try to disable the firewall of the router and re-pair it.

Or, if you have another phone, please use the phone data to enable the hotspot, and then connect the hotspot to pair again.

Try disabling LAN setting for the device. Just a shot in the dark.

This kind of devices don’t have that option

I can do that but I don’t believe that’s the problem, I have another device from the same model and have paired it several times in the past two years, I even did the forget device before I knew that for example when we change the password of our network we don’t need to reset devices from scratch we just need to repair them without forgetting them/removing them from the app without changing anything in the router and it always worked so…

Hi Diogo,
I have the same issue. Sometimes in the APP the device is online and sometimes not.
But if you refresh the page of the ewelink APP usualy it turns and if you check the register of the events it shows when it opens and closes even in the time that the APP says that the device is offline… probably a BUG…

Ñ há registos na app e se fizer refresh ñ resolve tá spr offline e nunca consegui q ficasse online nem sequer por uns segundos

There’s no registry on the app and a refresh doesn’t solve it it’s always offline and I could never get it online not even for seconds

Infelizmente aí já não posso ajudar mais pois sou novo neste mundo da automação e da SONOFF… mas vou acompanhar a publicação para aprender mais. Espero que encontre uma solução!

Unfortunately, I can’t help you because I’m new to this world of automation and SONOFF… but I’ll follow the publication to learn more. Hope you find a solution!