Device Management

It would be very helpful for eWelink Web under device management for each device to be identified by the MAC Address. Is that possible?

MAC address can be found on your router’s management interface.
And yes it is possible. we’ll note this into the roadmap.
by the way why do you need MAC address :grinning:

Thanks for the response, Teki.

Actually, I have found that the Ewelink app indeed has the MAC address of the device. I don’t know if I missed it or if it is an update.

I need the MAC no for consolidation and troubleshooting using my Network Analyzer App called “Fing” which simply identifies many Sonoff devices as “Smart Device” by Espressf, unlike Ewelink apps that have a proper name (provided the user has edited the name) and location.


Which version of the app are you using. I run V4 .30.1 and can’t fing Mac Address that I need also for network management.

Thanks in advance