Description of the new update

I read the description of the new version of ewelink. And here is my misunderstanding. Of course, I understand that China cooperates closely with Russia, but what about other countries? You are developing support for the “sber” voice assistant instead of introducing truly useful ideas for all users. Next - “support for presence sensors and universal matter switches. I looked through all of YouTube, looked through the entire Internet and AliExpress, but still couldn’t find such devices matter!!! So the question is, what is this update for??? surveillance cameras still take forever to load the same as the ewelink app. Even though the slim cam is connected to the Dahua recorder and it loads there almost instantly. This means that the problem is in the ewelink program itself. In my opinion, this is another useless update at the moment!!!

you can see the presence sensor (motion or occupancy sensor) from matterbridge , and the camera loading time .

An example of how ewelink and the camera open in the phone and an example of how the camera opens in the cast panel. I don’t use Matter bridge. Ihost reviews are complete crap. Nspanel is a useless device for me since the screen is small and stationary. I’m looking towards zbbridge-u, but so far nothing is clear with it. I don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. It is not clear what functionality it will have. And there are very, very few matter devices!!!

regarding first video with mobile , have you tried to reinstall the app ? try that it may help to load faster and im assuming that your phone kinda slow , i use samsung galaxy s10 plus and thats effect loading time , regarding second video for loading camera from web cast yes its slow , for me if i load local cast from ihost its very fast .


We are an open platform and are not concerned with geopolitics. If you are using any other voice assistants we do not support yet, you can make a feature request.

That’s not fair in my humble opinion, they should have been supporting mainstream voice assistants including Alexa, Google, and Siri for years, why shouldn’t they add support for more platforms?

And there are actually lots of devices would work with Matter via Zigbee Bridge even they are not matter devices. Occupancy sensor and generic switch are just the name of the device type in Matter spec.

For instance, PIR and scene buttons are using these spec. So such devices under a Zigbee bridge like Aqara hub or Hue Bridge will work with ewelink locally :slightly_smiling_face:

For me I love more choices, using the same batch of devices via multiple platforms, automate and control via eWeLink and using Alexa and Siri for voice command.