App Crashing, Feedback Ticket Failed

Hi, I am unable to open the app. It crashes every time I do. I have reinstalled it, same issue after logged in. Feedback ticket failed to submit. I have no choice but to open discussion here. Please view the screen recording for sample of the situation: RPReplay_Final1689852334.mp4 - Google Drive

I think the problem may be in your phone’s operating system. I once had a similar problem with another application in a Lenovo tablet and only starting the tablet in service mode and using the “wipe cache partition” option helped

Hi there,

You can try turning off your WiFi and enable your mobile data to see if the app crashing issue persists.

Please follow these steps to try:

  1. Turn off your WiFi connection: Go to your device settings, find the WiFi option, and turn it off.

  2. Enable your mobile data: In the device settings, locate the mobile data option and turn it on.

Once you’ve made these changes, launch the app again and observe if the crashing problem still occurs. If you encounter any further issues or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.