[Alexa related issue]Sonoff devices are automatically and randomly turning off

Is service ticket #502815 the one submitted through the in-app “Help&Feedback” feature in eWeLink? I couldn’t locate it. :joy:

Hi there, based on the information provided, our technical team found that on Feb 6th, from 2:00 PM to 7:30 PM, there were no requests from third-party platforms made and the device was frequently offline-online.
We suspect that the automatic turning on and off occurred when the device was offline, which is why there is no record of the device turning on and off during that time period in the Device Logs.
The first solution I recommended may not be effective for you, so I suggest trying solution 2 (assign a fixed IP address) directly to see if it can resolve the issue. We are currently investigating the issue with the device’s firmware and chip and will keep you updated with any updates. I apologize for any inconvenience.
May I know how many of your devices are encountering this issue?

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on Feb 6th, from 2:00 PM to 7:30 PM, Sonoff was on static ip
At 7:30 pm i’ve changed it to and rebooted router. From then, no more issues.

I’ve experienced issues on 10 different Sonoff, from last November. Then i’ve changed the devices with new ones, guessing they were broken, then they started again blinkin in the first week of february.

I would like to forward to @Daniel_Zhan for further check #503839 (submitted to the ITEAD team)

‎Last night ‎08/02/‎2023 at ‏‎22:22:59 I’ve captured, with a WiFi network sniffer, what happens in my WiFi network when a specific device turns off and then on again.
See file WiFi Capture.jpg

Row No. 4300 | the device (See file Device1.jpg and Device2.jpg) send a message IGMPv2 to my network adjacent hosts to establish multicast group memberships.

Row No. 4301 | the device (See file Device1.jpg and Device2.jpg) send a message multicast DNS to my network.

Row No. 4302 | the device (See file Device1.jpg and Device2.jpg) seems tha loose the assigned IP adress and ask to the network a new IP Adress

Last but not least, see the file device log registry.jpg, there is no trace in the log registry
Row No. 1 | my action using the wireless push button (Zigbee) smart scene
During the elapsed time from row 1 and 2 the device switch on / off many times without logging any event
Row No. 2-6 | my action using the APP eWelink

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Hi there, thank you for the information provided. Based on what you shared, I have summarized the following findings:

  1. The device model and ID are SONOFF S26R1 1000caafc1.
  2. The device appeared to go offline and tried to reconnect (Row No. 4302).
  3. On Feb. 8, from 22:00 pm to 22:30 pm, the device was experiencing the “automatically turning on and off” issue, with no record on the Device Logs.

I have forwarded it to the team for further investigation. I’ll update you on any progress made & Free to reach me if anything I missed.


I have all devices now with static IP to avoid the problem but if it helps you, the problem happened with all my sonoff mini. All in firware 3.6.0 and it also happens with my unique mini r2 (the ones without external wifi antenna)



I have also been experiencing the same issue - my whole house has mini r2 wifi which have been on 3.6 firmware and as of yesterday 3.7 (was hoping this was a fixed release), I also have a NSPanel which you can see the screen it’s rebooting randomly as the boot sonoff logo screen appears when the light goes off.
Logs on the devices do not show it had been triggered or any info when it happens and when it’s worse they will power cycle several times with in a 5 minute window.

This seems to have started from early December and gotten worse…


Hello, I have been using sonoff devices for years now, but lately I’ve been experiencing very strange behaviors on certain switches since the latest firmware update to 3.7.0 Some of them, for no reason just turn off. I have been able to stop some by programing the Loop Timer, saving it and coming back in and deleting the Loop timer setting. If work for 7 of 20 switches I have working, but there is one, the one over my head in my office that refused to stop Turning off. Tried my trick countless times, and wouldn’t stop. Finally I disabled the Skill from Alexa and Enable it again.
I have to say, that it has lasted for 5 minutes now, before it tuned off aprox. every 2 minutes.
Thank you all.

Hi @alf.grau @sutwinholdings @rhysburkitt ,

Could you please provide me with the following information either through a reply to this thread or a private message?

  1. The device ID of one of the devices that has encountered the issue.
  2. The time when the issue took place on the device. A screenshot of the device logs with the time would be helpful.

We will then be able to conduct a more specific investigation based on this information.

18:04 - 18:06 UTC 13/02/2023 device 10011bf149 has gone off 3 times (I have set in the config to revert to last status on power-on) so it goes off for about 3 seconds.

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21:03 UTC and again at 21:13 UTC 13/02/2023 device 100156b3fc which is a NSPanel restarts as seen from screen showing boot logo

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@rhysburkitt I deployed a new firmware 3.7.1 with more detailed log info, would you please update and let me know if the random turn-off issue happens again?

Hi! How i can download the firmware? my device has 3.7.0 as last version.

Same for me. It says 3.7.0 is the latest.

@rcav This firmware is not for the public, only deploy to whom has the random turn-off issue so we can further analyze. If you want to update, please let me know the device id of your device.
Only available for the below firmware model

Where i send you the device id? in this thread? thanks!

In the ewelink app select the device and press the three dots at top right corner, then scroll to the bottom.

19:54 UTC 14/02/2023 the light has gone off twice during that minute.

Nothing in the logs I can see and this device is definitely on 3.7.1 as of this morning.