[Alexa related issue]Sonoff devices are automatically and randomly turning off

My 5Ghz SSID has a different name. I didn’t changed anything in my network an the problem appeared suddenly. But it really seems to be a worldwide issue. What changed?

For me, the problem is in the eWelink side.

By now, for me, the only way to “solve it” is ip reservation but I still have more devices with the problem 'cause my router only allow me 8 mac reservations.

I completely agree with you that thi issue has to be solved by Ewelink, or at least they should give the Ewelink comunity an explanation of what is going on. They has refuse to do it and we have to basic options:

  • Throw to the waste basket all sonoff devices.
  • Investigate by ourselves possible solutions.

One possibility is that the problem is related with Echo. It appears that always Echo is active in the networks where the problem is happening.

The issues that we need to understand are:

  • Why the devices are restarting and therefore going to the predefine power up state (normally off)?

  • Why the fix IP is helping the problem?

  • Why the problem suddenly appears, without any apparent reasson, and why it goes away for some days, also without any known reasson?

Please try something and report your findings.

Do not forget to keep pushing Ewelink in any way you can imagine to say something about the problem.

Good luck for all of us.


Hey guys, did your router have the reboot schedule or sth reboot setup? i think when the router reboot and DHCP restarts, some of the devices can not get the new IP assigned successful which caused the offline blink.

Hello everyone, I understand that you’re eagerly awaiting a final result on the issue of devices turning on and off randomly. I want to apologize for the delay in reaching a conclusion and for the inconvenience this has caused. We greatly appreciate all of the messages you’ve sent us in order to help locate the problem.
To help us gather more information about the involved devices, I would like to ask that you submit a support ticket through the in-app “Help & Feedback” section, making sure to check the option for “uploading corresponding information.” I will be closely monitoring the investigation and will keep you updated on any developments.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thanks Stephen,
Will try what you suggest but you have to give us any kind of clue about what is going on, in order for our work to be meaninflul and productive.
What should we test?

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I apologize for being late in responding. I spent the last few days with my team, gathering information about the “devices randomly turning on and off” issue. Based on the feedback we’ve received from users, we have set up test devices to better locate the issue.

Here are some solutions that have worked for other users:

  1. If you have linked the eWeLink skill to the Amazon Alexa app, please unlink it, delete the device, and then re-add them to the eWeLink app. We are currently reaching out to Alexa to see if the connection may be causing the issue.
  2. Assign a fixed IP address to the device. We’ve found that some devices may not obtain a new IP address when the router restarts and DHCP automatically assign addresses, which can result in the device turning on and off abnormally. To prevent this, we recommend assigning a fixed IP address to the device. If you need help with this, please contact your ISP provider.

At the same time, we are also further investigating the reasons behind the chip or firmware and will keep you posted. Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Many thanks for the information. I will do what you suggest.

Same problem here. I’ve found this thread after trying almost everything, including checking the entire electrical system.
Setting a static IP partially solved problem. Some sonoff still blinking. Waiting for a firmware upgrade that fix this issue.

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Just a question for clarity: Are you suggesting to remove the skill then reset every single device that cause problems?
Because this is a huge work, many routines, scenes etc to rebuild from scratch!
Remove the skill and read it isn’t enough?


The main problem is not only the work, is that at the end of the work Alexa is unusable with Ewelink devices since in the steps mentioned by the Ewelink technician he is not indicating to relink Ewelink with Alexa again,

This is not an acceptable solution. You have to understand that if we have to select between Alexa and Ewelink most of us will select Alexa and abandon Ewelink in favour of Tuya devices.

Kind regards,

Hello @josejavieremma @andreoni.mauro
I understand that solution 1 may not be suitable when multiple devices are affected by the issue. To help locate the specific issue of the “device randomly turning on and off,” I would like to perform a case-by-case investigation. Would you be able to provide me with the following information? (You can reply to this thread or send me a private message):

  1. The device ID of one of the devices that is experiencing the issue
  2. The time when the issue occurred on the device (A screenshot of the device logs with the time would be helpful)

With this information, our technical team can determine if the issue is related to connections with third-party platforms like Alexa.

If the issue persists and occurs again, please let me know the time as soon as possible.
Also, I would advise not operating the device physically, such as pressing buttons, for two days after you provide the details so that no new data or changes are made to the device during the investigation.

“Don’t operate” you mean to leave it powered and connected but not in use?

Hello Andreoni, don’t worry, I’m here to help you. Can you recall the specific time when the problem occurred on the device?

Yes, yesterday, monday the 6th of February, during the whole afternoon
Id 100174357b
Until at 7:30pm I have changed static IP from to and reboot my router.
Then he finally stopped blinking.

As you can see, registry does not record anything of all those hundreds of blinking he made during the whole day.

Based on the screenshot you provided, did the issue happen yesterday at 2:05 pm?

No, he switched off by himself HUNDREDS of times between 2 pm and 7:30 pm
Theres no trace in log.


Thank you for the information. I intend to keep you informed of the latest progress within 48 hours.


Had the same issue, drove me crazy for a month. Assigning fixed IP addresses seems to have worked. Yet, I expect from eWelink to find a proper solution and bring it in its next firmware update.

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Dear support, just to confirm that also in my case (Service ticket #502815), there is no trace in any affected device log (register).
I’m facing the problem over many type of devices WiFi connected.
It appears that the Zigbee network devices are not affected.

Last tip, the only solution I found to mitigate and protect vital functions in my home was to network blacklist the affected devices. As a consequence I can no longer smart manage them but at least they don’t turn on and off continuously.