[Alexa related issue]Sonoff devices are automatically and randomly turning off

Is it possible to add 10004e836f. This is currently triggering repeatedly and is one of the worst offenders

I had the same problem, which was apparently solved with the update, on today’s date, of the firmware of my Deco M5 router.

Updated and no longer turning off today. I’ll keep trying a few days

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According to our test by far, DHCP enabled of the router works well too.
Please have a try and let me know if it works great.

Sure, will add it in 4 hours.

Done, please have a try and let me know if it works great.

The update is still unavailable

Would you please try again later, we have confirmed that the ID 10012353ca is on the list, may have some latency cased by network situation.

We are planning to release an updated firmware version of 3.7.3 to all of the related devices, and the 3.7.3 firmware will be deployed by UTC 10:00 Feb 21, 2023, and you will get this update gradually due to different network conditions, we suggest checking and update it timely.

*Please note, the 3.7.3 is the public version based (basically the same as) the test version 3.7.2, so if the device has updated to 3.7.2 separately via the test list upon this topic thread, 3.7.3 will not be pushed to those devices, don’t worry, all will be in the same row in the next update.

Just in case, please observe whether the random turn-off/on issue happens again. if the issue still exists, please provide the exact timing (month/day/hour/minute) of the unnormal actions as well as the screenshot of the device logs of that in the eWeLink APP and highlight the unexpected ones.

Thank you for all your understanding and testing with us earlier, free to let us know other questions you may have.

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Just installed the new firmware update 3.7.3. We are Testing it as I am typing. I takes more than a minute to update. So far they are working.
Thank you all.

Let’s see if updating everyone doesn’t fail again, because that month we’ve been

Ya hoy actualize firmware a 3.7.3 y ya se soluciono el problema, no obstante he comprado varios tipos de dispositivos Aubess que funcionan con TUYA SMART y van muy bien y son baratos.

I tested 3.7.2 as per your push and worked on my device listed before. But had the same issue with other devices, i updated to 3.7.3 and the problem is still there:

Device ID

3.7.3 still doesn’t appear

Updated all my devices to 3.7.3 and removed the DHCP reservation. I’ll be checking the status but today and yesterday with one device in 3.7.2 and no DHCP reservation, the issue seems to be corrected.


Checking with firmware team, will get back to you if we have any clue.

Update: still analyzing the logs uploaded.

Increíble, me ha vuelto a pasar hoy después de un corte de corriente, cuando volvió el suministro eléctrico, incluso con la version 3.7.3 uno de mis dispositivos, una ves encendido se apaga durante 1 s. aproximadamente y se vuelve a encender, así ininterrumpidamente y aleatoriamente mientras este, esté en ON. mi dispositivo es :
Version. 3.7.3
Modelo. Mini
Nombre del FW. PSF-BD1-GL
ID. 1000e9ffcf.

Me estoy empezando a desesperar, esto es inaguantble, antes no me pasaba esto, EXIJO SOLUCIÓN YA. Saludos

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Hola, acabo de actualizar el firmware y sigue sin solución el problema. Paso capturas.

I have about 15 sonoff mini’s and a few light switches as well a breaker switch-all sonoff, together with 3 wifi 6 modems. After updating to 3.7.3 a few of my mini R2’s were still switching on/off periodically. I then switched off the main earth leakage, on the electricity board, for about 1min and then on again. The random switching on/off problem now seems rectified. I think this resets the all the devices; modems and fiber ONT box simultaneously. Don’t know if this is really the case but seems to have helped, for now.

Yes, still happening with 3.7.3

@alf.grau @elozanoarrugaeta @fvarela_sere

Sorry for the inconvenience that the issue still going on, we checked the log and found that the device keeps rebooting which is abnormal behavior.

We would like to conduct further investigation to determine the root cause of the problem you are experiencing with your device. To facilitate this process, we kindly request that you send the device back to us.

Please check the private msg on how to proceed with this.